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Organizing the Friends of PATH

Good friends shape so much of who we are and who we become. They are a sounding board for ideas, a wealth of information and advice. Friends are the core of our community and those who help, encourage and influence. The Paul Ambrose Trail for Health (PATH) needs good friends.

As I understand the PATH currently, there are many agencies involved with the development, funding, construction, and maintenance of this multi-use network. One group works on planning, one on securing monies, one on retrieving bids, one on ground breaking, another for clearing and repairing. These groups work in conjunction with each other and for the common purpose of providing a friendly and functional recreation and commuting bicycle and pedestrian trail system. Several different agencies have hosted public surveys, meetings and forums to develop PATH to best meet the needs of the user.

Friends of PATH wants to take this idea further. We want to create a group of volunteers who consistently help shape the development and maintence of PATH. We want this to be a group designed by the user, for the user. It could become an advisory committee, or a volunteer maintence group, or a fundraising platform. This is a clean slate, the opening remarks remain to be made.

Join me, Breanna Shell (city planner), Bethany William (RTI representative), Stacy G. (the Tour de PATH chair), and Jody Perry (friend of PATH) tomorrow, Saturday January 19th, 2:00pm at Heritage Station, inside at the CVB. There will be a PATH update, maps, upcoming event information, and a lot of discussion to set the foundation for the Friends of PATH (FoP). We can all commiserate on our desires to be a great friend to PATH.

More information available in this press release.

While you are visiting Heritage Station, enjoy the Cash Mob at Brand Yourself and Art Walk.

Reminder: Critical Mass January Edition is tonight, 6:30pm from Ritter Park fountain. Bundle up, bring lights. Have fun.




The Wild Ramp

While we were away this summer a new food market opened their doors in Heritage Station, downtown. We were fairly frequent patrons of River & Rail Bakery at the station already, but now The Wild Ramp is seeing more of our happy faces, sometimes three days a week. The money we have saved with our cycling lifestyle has shifted to better quality food. Their timing couldn’t have been more perfect.
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The Wild Ramp is a different kind of market. They carry goods grown closer to where we live. 90% of the price we pay is given back to the farmers. 100% of their staff is volunteering their time. It was a simple decision to support this market. I started by hosting sewing workshops (not the one linked, but two subsequent ones) for their Friends of the Market shopping bags, upcycled from old feed sacks. Then they asked me to write online reviews to help spread positive feedback. Then I was asked to join the Kickstarter crowd sourced funding committee. Most recently I assisted with organizing the pumpkin decorating party that went on last Saturday. All these things I could do from home with my children, which makes volunteering even more rewarding, as I can include the whole family and model the values we prioritize.

The Wild Ramp is my community hub. We go there to see our friends and neighbors and meet new people. We learn a lot of about the food we eat, the growing seasons, and the families who are feeding us. We feel even more connected to Huntington and feel empowered by their support of our local economy. They are geographically closer to home, on Brent’s way home from work, and in a neighborhood I frequently find myself when downtown.

Congratulations to The Wild Ramp, but more importantly to the people of our region who now have a local food market that gives back to them and all those we call a part of our community.








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