Kidical Mass-Huntington, WV

Welcome to Kidical Mass-Huntington, WV. This page will serve as a point of reference and event information for families interested in biking in the Huntington area. We are always taking suggestions for routes, neighborhoods, destinations, and dates. For the latest ride information check out our facebook page.

Our Inaugural Ride was Saturday November 12, 2011 @ 3:00PM, from the Ritter Park fountain plaza.


Kidical Mass is a family friendly law-abiding ride. Our purpose is to teach kids, parents and caregivers safety skills and provide a ride in which to practice them. We are creating awareness for the growing presence of kids and families on bikes and the need for all road users to respect other users of the road. We are also bringing together families who bike in an effort to provide a positive community experience that will show children how much fun riding your bike can be!~~~Shane MacRhodes


Huntington’s version of Kidical Mass, has at it’s core, the original intent of MacRhodes’ mission.


Kidical Mass was born in April of 2008 in Eugene, Oregon.  The early morning brainstorm was a combination of wanting to get more kids and families excited about riding and wanting to put together a little event to celebrate bike film maker and creator of the term “Critical Mass” Ted White coming to town. They wanted to do something different than the traditional Critical Mass ride and Shane MacRhodes coined the term “Kidical Mass” (though he’s sure it has been used before).

Shane MacRhodes — who manages the Safe Routes to Schools program for a Eugene-area school district and has been active in the bike advocacy world for 15 years says “The bike movement has grown up, and now it has kids!” Since Shane’s initial brainstorm, Kidical Mass has popped up all over the U.S., and internationally as well.


  • Educate families and children, as bicycle riders and passengers, in personal responsibility and safety
  • Incorporate biking in a family fun atmosphere
  • Lead a short route bicycle ride that avoids busy streets and emphasizes laws and safety
  • Introduce a “street presence” to raise awareness that bicycles are traffic
  • Promote Huntington’s PATH, downtown neighborhoods, and family bicycle advocacy


The Route

Our inaugural ride was confined to the Paul Ambrose Trail for Health (PATH), beginning at the Ritter Park fountain plaza and continuing west down the limestone pathway toward the League 3 baseball fields. We used the parking lot area past the fields, on the trail, as our turn around point. This distance was approximately 3.2 miles round trip.

Our March 31, 2012 ride shared the road, following marked bike paths and share the road signs throughout the Highlawn Neighborhood. The loop was 2.4miles with a couple of gentle short hills, almost bumps.

The April 28, 2012 ride was similar to our first ride, departing from the YMCA, following 10th Street to Ritter Park and carrying on toward League 3, returning along the streets to the YMCA. This route extended our trip to about 4miles.

Your Responsibilities

Riding with your children should be fun, but must also be safe. We will follow all West Virginia state laws regarding bicycling in traffic. All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. All riders and passengers must wear helmets.

Bikes with training wheels, tricycles and balance bikes are encouraged to be brought along for children while at the plaza area, but are not recommended for the group ride for safety reasons. All rides will have a group leader no one should pass, and a group sweep, who will remain at the rear to make certain no one gets left behind.

The Fun

A Kidical Mass is not just about riding your bikes with other families for a short distance. It’s also about the Mass, the gathering of families. Meeting other families and seeing their bike situation is a fun and educational experience. Cargo bikes, trail-a-bikes, tandems, toddler seats, front seats, independent child riders (without training wheels), adult trikes, box bikes, and trailers are welcome and encouraged.

Vendors and community businesses are welcome to join our ride to educate families and riders about their products and services. Please contact Stacy: asimplesix[at] for more details.

More Information and Contact

There are many Kidical Mass rides around the county. Please browse this selection of sites to see how uniquely each community organizes their ride:

For more photos and a FAQ pages:

To contact Stacy about the Kidical Mass-Huntington, WV email asimplesix[at}

***Many thanks to Shane MacRhodes and for the ride descriptions and information used here.***



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