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Bicycle Ridership

Some variation of children and I made it out three times this week on the bicycle. Monday morning we cruised into Ritter Park to meet up with friends, who are interested in family cycling and wanted to test ride our Yuba. Monday evening there was a grocery ride. Wednesday I met up with my Tour de PATH chairperson and we walked the town looking for ride sponsors, passing out our new I Bike PATH bike stickers (from BikeButtons/OrganicHaus), and leaving registration forms.

What I noticed right away were the volume of bicycles and riders every time I went out. I think I was only able to capture 10% of what I saw, and most of the time, because we were both moving, they weren’t great photos. Here are some of the better images.

Four friends began commuting by bicycle this week, as children are being released from school, and morning routines are changing. Two other friends bought bicycles and they are also learning their way to work. We learned there were 10 employees at Huntington Prime who bike commute. Our PATH champion, Bethany, at RTI said she’s been doing everything by bike for over a month now. Another friend had her handlebars reconfigured to attach a front mount seat to ride with her son.  It’s happening Huntington. Thank you all for being out there and trying so hard to gain a new perspective. We believe that more riders is the most simple thing we can do to make riding safer for us all.

Any one notice the theme in the pictures? All these riders were on sidewalks or pedestrian crosswalks and many going against the direction of traffic, making crossing dangerous or difficult. I watched some bike down a sidewalk in one direction, cross in the middle of the street to the opposite side walk, so they could use the pedestrian walkway under the railroad tracks.

Not one bike was at a bike parking space. The other photos were on the trail and inner circle at the park, where their is no auto traffic.

Most people do not feel it is safe to ride on the streets, despite it being illegal to ride on the sidewalks in our downtown area. Despite the bike lane that is being painted and signed on 4th Avenue. Despite the low volume of slow moving cars and traffic lights at nearly every block/intersection. Despite me riding on the street with my two children aboard and my teeny-tiny efforts to encourage people otherwise.

Feelings are important and if there is anything I can do to help people feel safer, please let me know. I would even ride with you and help show you my chosen routes and how I stop and where and why, and we would all go slow. Which is one of the objectives of Cycle Socials. Perhaps it’s time to schedule another.


Miles Walked: 3.5 Biked: 59 Bused: 0 Drove: 0 Carpool: 6.8 This week
138.1 2266.5 1176.6 3691.8 294 Since August 14, 2011



Cycle Social- Greenbo State Park, KY

Early April the family, Ashley and Etta, Anthony (who we had never met before this ride) and I rode from home to Virginia Point to pitch a tent for the night. We had a fabulous time. It was such a good feeling to know that our journey was one of best parts of the mini-vacation. It was the ride that became central to the getaway.

This weekend, May 26-28, Brent, and possibly Elliot, are going to ride with Anthony, and hopefully you too, out to Greenbo State Park Kentucky. From our house, it will be just shy of 50 miles to the park. All but the last 5-10 miles are fairly level. The route we selected passes through many towns giving you the opportunity to ride light and eat out or pick up supplies along the way or closer to Greenbo.

This map shows the ride from Catlettsburg, KY to Greenbo. The route from Huntington to Catlettsburg is a 12mile level ride.

We reserved a tent site for two nights, that allows for 8 campers. If our party grows, we will attempt to secure more land. We leave Huntington at 9AM Saturday and depart Greenbo near 11AM on Monday, or as you all determine.

You are responsible for your own gear, but we are happy to share common tools. Meals are also on you, but again, if you bring the marshmallows and crackers, we will bring the chocolate bars. It’s a camping community. The fee for the site was $43, which we also hope to split per person.

Greenbo has a lot to offer. There are biking and hiking trails, canoes to rent, and places to fish.

Just so we are clear: you will pack all your gear and ride you bicycle with everything out to the park from Huntington. There will not be a support car bringing your tent and cooking supplies. There is no mint on your pillow waiting for you on the other side.

Please let us know if you can make it, or would like to, but have some challenges to overcome. We want you there! It is much more fun, and safe to ride with friends (or friends to be!). The event is listed on Facebook, or you can send me an email (asimplesix [at], or comment here on the post.


Cycle Social-Cyclo Femme Ride (everyone)

About Cyclo Femme (from

Cyclo Femme is presented by Girl Bike Love. Our mission is to create a unified voice for women in cycling, encouraging and empowering more riders. By highlighting the health and environmental benefits, community building and positive social impact that cycling can have on our world, we hope to engage more female riders.

“Let me tell you what I think of bicycling. I think it has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world. It gives women a feeling of freedom and self-reliance. I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel…the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood.”
-Susan B. Anthony

Language Dept. is a NYC-based multi-disciplinary design firm driven by stories and how they are delivered. We create visual languages — across platforms — from the real world to the digital. An office of four women with different backgrounds, we are all city commuters who love the freedom that bikes bring to life in the city.

View Larger Map

Huntington’s Cycle Femme ride will span the bridges. Beginning from Harris Riverfront Park, riding west to the Chesapeake bridge, crossing over and heading east on Route 7 in Ohio to the Proctorville bridge, returning to the park. The route is 10 miles and we climb the bridges slowly, and no one will be left behind. The views will be spectacular. An approximate route is on the map above.

Everyone is welcome to ride, so ladies, bring your friends and families! Gentlemen join us and tell the ladies. We plan to picnic at the park after the ride, so if you care to join us, bring a dish or two (or swing by any number of great downtown hotspots on our way back). We are undecided on whether the whole family will be riding, but those who are not, will stay at the park and play, waiting on our return.

Share, share, share this fb event link or this post! I know it’s last minute, but we can have a great ride with your help. Let’s show Huntington (and all the little towns we travel through) that we recognize women who bicycle too. I know you are out there, join us! And gentleman, support us, please ride along.

Cycle Social- Beard Ride

Brent’s been attempting to grow facial hair. Not something that earns him extra kisses from the female sector of this household. He does this every once in a while to see if it is even possible. Yet, this time, he has a higher purpose.

A beard ride.

A blazer wearing, beard growing, bicycle journey, that ends with beer libations. While it distinctly says beard, he’s a lenient fellow who knows the challenges of maintaining a 5 o’clock shadow. Interpret as you wish. These streets are public.

Join Brent in his red whisker glory, outside Black Sheep Burrito & Brews, 1555 3rd Avenue, Huntington March 30, 6:30PM. Short Marshall campus tour and downtown escapade, then back to the BSB&B for your after party. RSVP on FB or in the comments.


Brent’s pretty excited about his new QR creation skills. The code brings you to this page. If you are here because of said smart technology, you can find out more about cycle socials here too.

Cycle Social-To the Film Festival Wrap Up


It’s a difficult thing to compete with the Super Bowl, but we tried. 40 degree temperatures, sunny skies, nightfall for the return trip, a fantastic film, indoor bicycle parking (huge courtesy of the theatre), casual and cheap dinner. It was the making of a good Cycle Social. Brent met up at the park with our friends Ashley, Jason and Christina, then rode down to the Keith Albee to watch Submarine.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with our children and Jason and Ashley’s daughter. We all tried to find a sitter. Seems everyone else had game day plans. How could Madonna compete with the Keith? Look at this building, it’s spectacular.

By all accounts the film was excellent too.

The next day I received a message about starting an email list for Cycle Socials. I am working on something to better get the word out. In the mean time, please subscribe to the blog, like A Simple Six on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (all options in the upper right sidebar). I do my best to post the events on the Critical Mass fan page, the Ashland Cycle Enthusiasts group page and Huntington Cycle and Sports Facebook page. MU EcoCycles has offered to post my events as well on their page. The Huntington Convention and Visitors Bureau  even added the event to their calendar, which is a great community calendar, and I hope to keep them up to date with future rides.

I love to get feedback about what is and is not working for you.  These socials are very much for the masses and I want them to be what you want. Please keep me posted. I am very grateful I received that message on Monday, because an email list never occurred to me.

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