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Organizing the Friends of PATH

Good friends shape so much of who we are and who we become. They are a sounding board for ideas, a wealth of information and advice. Friends are the core of our community and those who help, encourage and influence. The Paul Ambrose Trail for Health (PATH) needs good friends.

As I understand the PATH currently, there are many agencies involved with the development, funding, construction, and maintenance of this multi-use network. One group works on planning, one on securing monies, one on retrieving bids, one on ground breaking, another for clearing and repairing. These groups work in conjunction with each other and for the common purpose of providing a friendly and functional recreation and commuting bicycle and pedestrian trail system. Several different agencies have hosted public surveys, meetings and forums to develop PATH to best meet the needs of the user.

Friends of PATH wants to take this idea further. We want to create a group of volunteers who consistently help shape the development and maintence of PATH. We want this to be a group designed by the user, for the user. It could become an advisory committee, or a volunteer maintence group, or a fundraising platform. This is a clean slate, the opening remarks remain to be made.

Join me, Breanna Shell (city planner), Bethany William (RTI representative), Stacy G. (the Tour de PATH chair), and Jody Perry (friend of PATH) tomorrow, Saturday January 19th, 2:00pm at Heritage Station, inside at the CVB. There will be a PATH update, maps, upcoming event information, and a lot of discussion to set the foundation for the Friends of PATH (FoP). We can all commiserate on our desires to be a great friend to PATH.

More information available in this press release.

While you are visiting Heritage Station, enjoy the Cash Mob at Brand Yourself and Art Walk.

Reminder: Critical Mass January Edition is tonight, 6:30pm from Ritter Park fountain. Bundle up, bring lights. Have fun.




Critical Mass December Edition Wrap Up


Cold. Check. Dark. Check. Snow. Check. Wind. Oh yes.

Seems fall wandered out and winter blasted its way in. Brent joined 4 other gentlemen on a six-eight mile (who’s counting?) course for December Critical Mass last night. Low 30s, possibly upper 20s(F), grueling, finger numbing winds slowed the pack as they worked their way to Central City, but helped them sail back to Huntington on the return trip. Brent says it was slick, black icy and due to the dark and snow, they missed several pot holes, yet, all survived. I think he was actually bragging on his adventure, just a little. Feels good to get out there.


Brent humored me by taking my decked out Yuba. What’s a snowy ride without tinsel and bells on the first day of winter?


See you on January 18, 2013 for the January Edition, or maybe tomorrow December 23 for Kidical Mass. It’s forecasted to be mid 40s and clear. We meet at five, when there is just enough light left, but the house holiday lights are visible.

Massive Weekend

Dutch winter cycling photo 

It’s blustery cold and rainy now, but come tomorrow night for Critical Mass, it ought to be flurry cold or dry and freezing. In either scenario, join us! Bundle up with layers, break out the lights, throw on some jingle bells. Friday December 21, 6:30PM from Ritter Park Fountain. Spinning your wheels will warm you up. Showing Huntington that a little thing like 30 degrees won’t keep you from having fun is priceless. I like to remind myself that there are people all over the world donning studded tires, handle bar mitts and balaclavas for the opportunity to ride in the winter.

Balance bikes in the snow

If you don’t get enough group riding in tomorrow, Kidical Mass, the family friendly counterpart is taking a Holiday Lights and Jingle Bell Ride on Sunday, December 23 at 5PM. Same place, Ritter Park fountain, different route, and stopping at Ginos for a pizza warm up and socialization at the end.

Blast from the Past
2011 November Critical Mass looked like this. Some how we missed December? Or maybe we just didn’t blog it. Or perhaps Brent was the only one who made it. Seems like getting the trailer out for tomorrow night might be wise again.

The Jingle Bell ride was this much fun last year.

Looking forward to seeing you, meeting you, hearing you, and lighting up the night.

Kidical & Critical Mass Videos

Kidical Mass-Highlawn Neighborhood, Huntington, WV-March 30, 2012

Kidical Mass in Huntington, West Virginia on March 31, 2012 from Brent on Vimeo.


Critical Mass-Ritter Park, Huntington, WV-April 20, 2012

Critical Mass in Huntington, West Virginia, April 2012 from Brent on Vimeo.

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