We all make choices about our time

Go ahead and chuckle when you get to the part about it being be first day of summer break. I opened the WordPress App and this is what I found:

It’s been said time and again, I’m not a busy person, we don’t have a busy life. We started cycling some three years ago to declutter our schedules and slow down the pace. It doesn’t mean we don’t have busy moments or times where we are double, triple or even booked to be in five different places at the same time. There are fewer of those and more empty weekends and longer strolls through farmers markets and open ended volunteer hours at school or the neighborhood clean up. There’s also more time for children to bicker, play video games, and “be bored.” It’s not perfect, but it’s working out alright.

With all the downtime I kept wondering when to blog. The facebook page (linked to the twitter account shown on the blog sidebar) and instagramming was active and easy, but blogging required longer stretches of time, children to be engaged and housekeeping in a lull. It required a working computer, or app and a little motivation. Today, our first day of summer break, so many things lined up just so. The baby is now four and half and does all these great independent things. The two eldest can ride their bikes to the park and library, without me. Imagine what sort of world is opening up before us.

I see ahead of me a few hours alone in my own house.

There’s no promise of a blog resurrection. There is only this feeling that I miss writing. I miss my community of family cycling writers and readers. I miss reporting all the new places we rode, interesting Buffalonian discoveries, and what life has been like 500 miles from everything we knew as comfortable.


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