Buffalo, NY or Bust


Brent accepted a teaching position at SUNY Buffalo State in Buffalo, NY. He begins this new chapter mid-August. The running joke around here comes in some form of the following:

A friend: When do you need to be in Buffalo?
Me: I don’t. Brent does.
Friend: Ohhhh….
Me: Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it.

It’s not that Buffalo is going to be a tragic move. The city is wonderful, unique, diverse, and will be a welcomed challenge and experience. It’s that I have a lot going on here in Huntington personally. We have a life here, with good work, great people, a fabulous home and garden, and I find the timing of all this a bit stressful and remissed. Two years ago I would be have been throwing parties and putting on parades to be setting off on such an adventure, maybe even this time last year. Yet around September 2012 I found a spark to settle in to Huntington, chase down some ambitions and dreams and set to work on them.

Avery’s illness certainly delayed much of those efforts, but I was clambering aboard that train once again this spring when it was derailed, to follow the analogy through. With in a week of making some community contacts and learning of the “perfect space” for my business concept, Brent accepted the position in New York. My happiness for him was subdued by my own bubble bursting, the rug being pulled from my feet. Yet, when everything was laid out on the table, the needs of the family as a whole, the needs of Brent’s career and personal path trumped my quest to bring a sustainable family resource to Huntington. It wasn’t meant to be I who carried out that work. And life is short, so we decided to follow this path for now and embrace all the nuances it was going to throw at us.

So it’s a Buffalo or Bust sort of summer in the Simple Six household. We made a brief trip up to the Queen City at the end of May to introduce the idea to the children, to scout out the housing market, and to visit with friends. We went so far as to put a low offer on a house out of desperation, have it countered and then, because we weren’t in love with the home (miniature kitchen) or the location (far from work, higher taxes), we walked away from it.

We need to sell our WV home in order to afford the move north (captioned home album here). We have considered renting it out, but have the feeling we’d be in over our heads with the details and then we wouldn’t be able to purchase in NY. We are considering renting in NY, but still need our house to sell. Brent must be there no later than August 19th, applying pressure to the situation. Should the WV home not sell, perhaps the family will have to live apart for a short while? Brent may have to go to NY while the children and I wait in WV. How long is too long to wait? What about schooling, added cost of two residence, rising interest rates, the strain on the relationships of the family, and so on…? It’s consuming all my thoughts and energy. Want to throw your two-cents into the arena? What would you do?

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5 thoughts on “Buffalo, NY or Bust”

  1. I think the renting is a good idea. My husband and I were looking for a place to rent that would accept two dogs. It was hard but we found a place. We posted an add of “need’ on craigslist of all places. A home owner replied and said they had a house for sale in St. Albans and would be willing to rent it out. They live in NY….

    We have been here a total of 1 year, 3 months. We have not had one problem. It’s very possible to rent a home out over a long distance, as long as you have respectable and trusting renters. Maybe you could even work something out as to a rent-to-own ordeal.

    For us renting all they did was do a background check, and come and visit to meet us and our two dogs. We filled out a simple renters lease for a year and haven’t seen them sense! When things break we hire someone to come fix it and they pay for the fix over the phone. I fax her the receipt later. We pay rent over wepay.com

    I’ll be praying for you, and this whole move. It does seem like a very hard thing to go through. Think of it as more of an adventure! God may be leading you to this new location for a purpose.

    Hope this comment was some help. Selling a house in a month is…well practically impossible and if people know you are that eager to sell you will surly be take advantage of in the market.

    1. Thanks Cyndee, they certainly did take advantage of our desperation and we are happy to say we have a contract our WV home now! We are opting to rent in NY, and move in less than a week. It’s all coming together. Your comment was very helpful. I need a calm voice and new perspective sometimes.

  2. Stacy – You and your family will be greatly missed. I am sure that you single handedly added a log of impetus to Huntington’s bicycle transit movement. I had heard you were moving but was in denial until I read your post.
    I’m no expert, but maintaining 2 addresses keeps you from having to move the household twice (presuming you have to rent in Buffalo until your house sells), but that puts all the parenting burden on you for that time, not an easy thing. My wife and I are friends with a couple in Buffalo – he is an architect that teaches at SUNY Buffalo. They are great people and would help in any way they could. Let me know if you’d like to connect you with them.

    1. Thank you Ed! Things are working out very well for our upcoming move. Waiting was difficult, as always, but now that certain pieces are fitting together we have much to be patient for. We’d love to meet your friends in Buffalo. The more people to give us the low-down, the better. Cheers!

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