Two Much of a Good Thing


What to say, what to say. Do you recognize that beautiful machine above? Looks like our Yuba Mundo. Rides just like it too. Trekking bars. GoGetter bags. Clipless pedals. Rim brakes. Clean.

This is certainly not our cargo bike.

Brent picked up our friend Mike’s Yuba this afternoon. He and his son enjoyed the bike this spring but circumstances arose that prevent them from cycling at this time. He knew we were shopping for a second bike. While I have my mind set on an electric assist, this scenario will give us more flexibility in our schedules and more time in our days immediately. It is the average American equivalent of having two cars.

Brent can transport the children to school and continue straight to work with all his personal gear thrown in the mix. I will be able go about my errands and know that in a pinch or during illness, Brent can do pickups, significant grocery runs, pizza take out, or anything else I demand of his day. And I demand a lot.

Brent is elated to be on even footing with me. He feels chauvinistic riding solo with the rest of the party on the Yuba. We are balancing our family dynamic. In the name of gender equality, uh, right?

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6 thoughts on “Two Much of a Good Thing”

  1. Good move! Equality and orange bikes. Cargo space doubled. Now the gear will not be the reason if one of you is riding slower or faster. Plus, e-assist can evolve more in the meantime… Right?

  2. How exciting! I’m sorry your friend isn’t able to ride right now, but how wonderful you can keep his bike from being lonely :) Curious: will Brent ride it clipless? I think I’d like the go-both-ways pedals for riding clipless if there are no kids on board…EXCEPT I love my Pedalite flashy pedals too much to swap them out.

    1. I wanted to try the clipless pedals, but we don’t have shoes for such things. You need special shoes right? He took them off yesterday. He also doesn’t like the trekking bars…they may be next!

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