Trip Meter: May 26

Miles Walked: 3.5 Biked: 64.6 Bused: 0 Drove: 0 Carpool: 6.8 This week
138.1 2272.1 1176.6 3691.8 294 Since August 14, 2011

Walking miles! London and I needed to return to a relationship of balance this week, as were edgy with each other all of the time. I told her one evening that I was going for a jog and invited her along. She surprised me with accepting the offer. We jogged a block, walked a few, jogged a block, walked a few and so forth. I think we covered about three miles. My body hated me the next several days. My shins hurt, my biceps hurt. I have this idea that doing things that inflict pain can remind you that you are alive and that inorder to remain so, you must be uncomfortable at times.

It was one of the largest disspointments when I realized that health is not given to you with life, you must constantly tend to it. There are no pills or genetic remodifications. We are humans, and we require more attention and maintenance than any other aspect of our lives.  Before this realization, I thought naively, that my body was impermeable to so many things, because I had always had a lifestyle that was active in a way it wasn’t dreaded work, nor was it noticeable.

Decades later and nearly a year into tracking my physical activities, I realize what a sloth I have become. I don’t even walk, one of the most simple human behaviors. Walking around a grocery store, once every couple of weeks was about all I have been doing.

During the winter months when I was babysitting, not getting anytime on the bike and sending Brent for errands, I was beginning to blend in with the kitchen. Not only were my muscles losing strength, but I was feeling the fat grow. I knew it was happening too, and now that I have pulled out the summer wardrobe, my clothes confirm it all. This isn’t a statement of being overweight, just one of being inactive. Even if I were overweight, it would still be a statement of health.

The scale doesn’t determine your fitness levels. I am coughing after a moderate ride because my lungs are clearing the cobwebs. My heart rate doesn’t recover quickly. My arms were hurting after a 3mile casual walk/jog?!

Worse than this, I don’t see myself ever taking up exercise for health. I have tried many many times in my life and I usually do it to drop the baby weight, then convince myself that when my clothes fit I can quit. Again, I am fooled into thinking that weight is equivalent to health.

When I began bicycling for transportation I felt I had found my golden fitness ticket, after the initial pain subsided. I could pick up my children from school, break a sweat, burn buckets of calories, build strength and endurance, without feeling like I was exercising. I convinced myself I was saving money, which is a huge motivator for me (maybe not a healthy one), and I was doing something purposeful with my time. Somehow the purpose of school pickup held more value than the purpose of avoiding heart disease, but it did and continues to do so.

So we walked.

We also rode our bikes. Not far, and not often, but it got the job done.

Since I was baby sitting Baby L. the last two days of school this week, the children claimed they wanted extra time with his mom, who happens to be or has been their teacher, so the took rides with her each day. Brent also happened to be going up to the school both days, so he biked.

Our longest stretch of not driving is about to come to an end. We haven’t been in the van since March, maybe? I know we haven’t put gas in it since then.

Thursday I plan to spend a full day running errands on my way to and from Charleston to meet up with a blog reader and friend of a friend. Sarah helped me organize our aborted trip to Morgantown this spring, and they are headed down, so we are choosing to head over. It was a great opportunity to tend to many things I can’t do in town and I am very much looking forward to meeting Sarah and her family.

After this jaunt, we leave for a very long road trip (via car and bike), which I will certainly fill you all in on, soon.

Miles Walked: 0 Biked: 89.3 Bused: 0 Drove: 0 Carpool: 1.7 This week
134.6 2207.5 1176.6 3691.8 287.2 Since August 14, 2011
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