Average School Bike Commute

At the end of last week I rode the children up to the school in the morning, leaving the littles at home. Brent’s been doing this commute most mornings, but I wanted to do a little since I wasn’t going to be picking them up (sore hand). The morning ride is much easier than the afternoon one. It’s cooler. There are fewer children to haul. We are not tired from our day, rather, just well rested, well fed and ready.

We have been getting up about 20 minutes earlier to accommodate a 10 minute earlier departure, with an extra 10 minutes to check bikes and gear. The children go downstairs about 7:20AM, leave by 7:30 and we haven’t been late yet. Brent usually gets them there with 10 minutes to spare. I ride slower, and let them have drink breaks, so we have an extra five. This means we get to lock up our bikes together, breath in the morning fog and say hello to our school family.

When we started biking again this year, the children reported there were two other bikes at the school. Sure enough, two sisters have started riding to school. Who knows, there may be a  bike rack there next year. 

It’s a very pleasant way to begin our day. Knowing the sun is up keeps us motivated. Those dark winter mornings were rough to build a desire to get out of bed.

Now that my hand is feeling better, I have taken on the school pick up and Brent has been covering the morning commute. I may need to see if I can reverse the schedule with an excuse other than an injury. Those 10 minutes alone on the way back from school were so peaceful.

Miles Walked: 0 Biked: 31 Bused: 0 Drove: 0 Carpool: 1.7 This week
134.6 2149.2 1176.6 3691.8 287.2 Since August 14, 2011
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2 thoughts on “Average School Bike Commute”

  1. Do I ever know what you mean about riding alone…. I so rarely get to and I tend to forget from one time to the next how much I will appreciate it. I sometimes even try to find an excuse to bring one of the kids along (even if Will is home) but then he urges me to leave them and then I get to have the same free, peaceful, (and, if I feel like it fast!) minutes on the road!

    nice picture of your shadow! :)

    1. It’s a mixed thing for me. I really like to ride with others. It’s a social, comfortable thing, even if the other is a child, it’s good. But those few precious moments of solitude are refreshing. The ride up with children and home alone is a good balance. Thanks for sympathizing!

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