Celebrate Bicycling

May 1 three children and I rode downtown to celebrate the end of 30 Days of Biking and the beginning of National Bike Month along with the National Bike Challenge. Brent met us there from work. London was riding with the neighbors who were going to feed the ducks and have a family dinner.

I am usually excited to see bikes locked up at the racks, but it’s not often I the owner. When I spotted this family across the way I had to say hi. I was a bit surprised none of the four had helmets, but understand the illusion the trailer can give to safety.

Once Brent was done threading a lock through our three bikes, we walked around the back of Pullman Square to Harris Riverfront Park. The city has been doing a lot of street improvements and we noticed the curb cuts and new cross walk lights immediately. We have previously had some issues at this intersection with automobile drivers on cell phones when trying to get to the park, and appreciate the safety update.

We found London down at the dock, with the neighbor and two of his daughters, feeding the ducks. We stole her and her bike away from her friend and headed back up to Pullman Square for our dinner and promised rewards.

While there are many great locally owned places to eat downtown, we settled on Unos Pizzeria. It was probably one of the worst cases of over-eating I have committed in quite some time. I wasn’t able to enjoy either the Tropical Moon destination Brent took Elliot and Oliver to, or the Cold Stone Creamery stop I treated Avery with on the way to the Pottery Place for London’s reward. Stuffed.

Spotting our neighbor's bike and another commuter bike as we went to the Pottery Place.

Since we were downtown directly after school, and not on a Sunday, Avery and I left London to her painting and walked over to Mug & Pia. I had been trying to get into this store for months (maybe even years). I have a hankering for some everyday stationary and heard they had a good selection. They did, but I was more excited to see Etta’s dad’s stuffed creature collection being sold here. He is probably my favorite local artist, and not because he allows my son to have play dates with his daughter.

Brent made it back to the Pottery Place and I left him with everyone but Oliver and then walked back across the street to Soma. One of the troubles I have had with staying downtown for my retail purchases has been undergarments. If you need bras and underware, you can go to the Family Dollar or you go to Barboursville for a Walmart, Target, Kmart, or the mall. It’s not only location that is troublesome, it’s size. I am nearly breastless. Those four babies have left me with the option of ordering very expensive custom sizes online or finding a decent store that can give me a lot of assistance negotiating what is available. Soma did just that. I am grateful they decided to open a business downtown. It had been three and half years since I purchased bras, and I only bought two at the time, they were spent.

Enough with the boob talk, on to the rest of our outting.

With the painting of pottery done, the eating of ice cream over and the purchasing of new delicates (this could read, with our wallets lighter), we headed for the bikes. The sky was giving us a “time is up” dance, with darkening clouds and a setting sun.

At the last block I let Elliot ride on ahead home, and Avery wanted off the deck to race him on foot. Oliver felt he should be allowed as well and slid his shoulder straps off. I used the old “car won’t start if your belts are not buckled” trick my grandma used on us when we were little. The bike stopped until he was tucked in tight again. With Avery off the bike, I was able to provide Oliver with the race he needed be entertained that last block. What a difference 50lbs can make.

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8 thoughts on “Celebrate Bicycling”

        1. I think there is already a bike rack pool, but not sure about kids on racks. Let me know if you get one going and I will help spread the word!

  1. Great pictures!!! What a pretty waterfront!

    In the spirit of parallel lives and TMI, I bought a couple of bras just before we left on our trip – not only were mine in threads, literally, but I realized, when I bought these ones that I had never actually purchased a real bra…I mean they were bras, but not the kind that fit at all. I thought the issue was that I was buying the wrong size (I am similarly unendowed), but really the issue was that I was buying the wrong thing. Anyway, with my nursing days behind me, it felt like the appropriate time to invest in the right thing – I feel like a teenager wearing a bra for the first time :) (how’s that for TMI!)

    1. The interesting thing about our waterfront is that no one can see it from the city. We have an enormous floor wall that barricades the river from the town. It’s also a popular vagrant location. Not that you need the whole story, but this area is scheduled for new construction to help solve this problem, just not sure when.

      TMI abounds around here. Sometimes I am not sure where to draw the line! I would have happily included my bra size and photos, but I knew there were limits.

  2. Hey, thanks for the shout-out. I read it aloud to Jason! :) How were the prices at Soma? I have been wanting to stop there.

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