Full racks at Marshall University

Seems everywhere we go we see bikes, bike racks or people on bikes. It is most likely because we are looking for them, yet other people are noticing it too. Folks who have been riding around here for years are commenting on the increased number of cyclists.

Fresh asphalt read for striping and bike lane signage on 4th Avenue

The city repaved a main corridor road to prepare it it for our first ever bike lane. There were three bicycling events this past Saturday. Both bike shops are thriving. New bike parking is being installed. The racks at the university are full. Friends are pulling their bikes out of basements and garages and then letting me know they did so (which I think is so awesome!). Craigslist bike are selling quick. The used bikes don’t stay in the shops long enough for people who saw them posted online to make it in for a test ride. The bikes at Target were cleaned out when we stopped by there last month.

It’s bike fever. It’s not just here in Huntington, WV either. More bike bloggers are popping up (see this great list of women bike bloggers) and bikes are making there way into mainstream media. We have seen bikes in current issues of Martha Stewart, as logos like on the new Simple Homemade, and more posts of my friend’s children riding bikes online, all around the country.

The fixed up Jamis Dakar and a shoulder bag from Boliva Brent attached as a small saddle bag, in front of Old Main at Marshall University

On our quick errand ride to the university Friday night to pick up a projector from Brent’s office, we took the photos in this post. We even stopped at the newest bike rack in town as if it were a tourist destination and posed for a picture.

One of two new bike racks on 4th Avenue, thanks to Huntington Cycle & Sport

When we reached the park we saw several folks riding and two of them were friends of ours from the neighborhood. Kiley and her dad Chris were practicing their new skills. Kylie got her bike for Christmas and just learned to ride. Chris dug his bike out, which had been in storage for 15+ years. Now they have a new passion to share. Chris said they have been at the park nearly every evening, and they joined us for Kidical Mass on Saturday (her first ever road ride, and the furthermost she’s ever ridden too!).

Kylie and Chris at Ritter Park. Happy family time.

Of course you see what you want to see. We choose to see all these great bikey things and hope you do too.



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5 thoughts on “Bicycle-Vision”

  1. Johnna and I had a talk about this over the weekend. I mentioned that it is more difficult to find a used bike because bikes are cool now. She said, “Bikes are cool?” Of course they’re cool! The older, more unique a bike, the more hipster cred attained. However, we both agree we hope this is one fad that sticks around longer than most. It simply makes everyone better.

  2. Stacy, your city is so lucky to have you and your advocacy! I can’t be the only person who thinks you’re a driving force behind each and every new Huntington biker :)

    1. Thank you so much! I certainly don’t feel responsible. Whatever their reason, I am glad they are riding.

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