Three Bikes for the Family

With two little boys whose fevers would not subside, Brent made the trip to Morgantown solo. He had a successful presentation at his conference and enjoyed the lectures and workshops. Before coming home he went into Positive Spin, a non-profit, bike workshop. I was very excited about the chance to meet with the director, Nick Hein, and see how the shop operates on volunteers and donations. Without the chance to do so, Brent went in my stead.

He reports back that the place was busy, expansive and something Huntington needs. Just as I thought it would. You can read all about Positive Spin on their site. Brent paid $200, and brought home three bikes, and donated London’s mtb, which was my starter bike, which was given to us by our neighbor. Passing the love around.

The bikes.

The yellow and grey piece of work at the top of the page is a Jamis Dakar. Brent inflated the tires and took it around the neighborhood a few times today. Rolls alright. Will need minimum work. He hopes to make this his new commuter bike and possibly sell the 29er mtb, maybe.

These two bikes directly above are another story. The red one, upright, is London’s new Schwinn mtb. Or will be once we fix the rim tape and assess any additional tune up needs. I did a quick online search for rim tape and realized it wasn’t as simple as just ordering a roll of tape. I am going to need a consult on this one. There are sizes and quality and color decisions to make.

The one on the ground behind the children is a crankless Olmo. It’s light and has thin tires and needs more love than I know how to give, but it ought to be fun for someone to work on. I don’t know if that someone is me. I am finding I am very happy to ride my bike, quiet ecstatic to ride actually, but given that working on a bike involves a lot of little helpers, who usually do more loosening of straps and greasing of hands than tightening of bolts and cleaning of chains…I’d rather take it in to the shop.

What will keep these bikes in my garage under our care will be the desire to not pay for service we could do ourselves. Let’s wait and see how this story ends, shall we?

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4 thoughts on “Three Bikes for the Family”

  1. Greetings from Wisconsin,

    Enjoyed reading this. I was in DC this past week for the National Bike Summit. On Friday I went on the Congressional Bike Ride and rode along with Nick Hein of Positive Spin for a few miles. He told me about this planned visit to Morgantown – glad at least one of you was able to make the trip. I graduated from WVU in 1984 and haven’t been back in 20 years.

    It would be great if you could help encourage more folks in West Virginia to join the Challenge. Previously the Mountain State was in the top 10, but recently slipped to 17th place as more and more people join the Challenge. Now riders from over 40 states are in. Good luck and folks can easily sign up at Thanks for all you do!!

    1. Rob! Good to hear from you again. So glad you made it to the National Bike Summit. I wanted so much to go. Certainly you also met up with Dennis Strewn? I am very excited about the National Challenge and my husband is registered. I have am confused about teams and tracking miles for individuals vs family group, but will set that all straight by May 1. I did a brief mention on the blog today and will do full coverage toward the end of April, just keep after me!

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