Huntington Prime Penthouse & Piano Bar

For the third night this week, the Yuba and I headed downtown. Destination, Huntington Prime. Purpose, Toril’s birthday night out. My last trip down to the Prime was for desserts, to which they graciously obliged us even though they had closed. So tonight it was a treat to know they remembered me because of my bicycle, which was again locked up on the lamppost right outside the door. Best parking in the city is available when you ride your bike, but it certainly conflicts with city codes of not riding on the sidewalks downtown.

We dined, chatted and laughed our way through a cheese platter, dinner and wine. We took our leave of the ground level restaurant and headed up stairs to the new Penthouse and Piano Bar via a liftman operating the elevator. It was a classy start. He even had an upended hat on the lift floor for tips.

The Penthouse was just what it promised. The bar area was a former apartment kitchen, the piano tucked into a former dining room space and the dining area nestled onto a cantilevered floor with three full walls of windows touting a view of downtown, the river and Ohio hill sides. All from the 15th floor. The ladies and I gathered at the bar for drinks and desserts. I always go to Huntington Prime for the desserts. Never a disappointment. I enjoyed sharing raspberry cheesecake and a mocha chocolate cake with my friends.

Truth be told, I am not a drinker. It’s water all the way for me, but everyone else had a good time with the spirits and best yet, Cara, my teetotaling partner in crime, drove them about for the night. From left to right in the above photo, Lisa, Cara, Carrie, Bonnie, and Toril. Piano behind them, bar upfront.

My fabulous time ended here. The rest of the crowd drove over to the Vclub for some Sasha Colette and the Magnolias. I felt a bit guilty for bowing out early because I don’t care for clubs, cover charges, and loud music, even though the night was not about me, but I knew Toril was in great company. From what I heard this morning, everyone had a terrific night out on the town.

The early reprieve also allowed me to get home by 11pm and not worry my husband about my being out so late alone, on the bicycle. I don’t care much for riding solo, especially at night. I get the feeling people are staring and laughing. Which they probably are. It is quite a spectacle to behold. Over sized bright orange bicycle, lady bundled up in a wool coat, scarf, hat, 180s, thick gloves, jeans, and pair of wedge heels. I also slipped on thick wool socks before pedaling off. It was 32 degrees after all.


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