Family Biking Buddies

Social creature that I am, we met up with Ashley and Etta again today after school. I didn’t know I was going to see her at the library, but when people know where you will be, sometimes they just show up! Ashley was taking her husband’s new bike out for a test ride. Etta had a new child seat to try out. Ashley intended to meet up at our house, but thought we might be able to show her the route we have “mastered,” so she escorted us home.

We enjoyed some bike banter (sorry Ashley if I couldn’t talk about anything else) and dinner (amazing salmon patties, mashed potatoes, coconut curried lentils, and steamed carrots courtesy of the meal co-op) then Brent suggested I ride with the ladies to their house. I was thrilled for the chance to have some adult company while riding a bike that was not loaded down with five back packs, a clarinet and two children, as it was on the way home. Brent loaned me his mountain bike and we arranged lights for Ashley then took off up the Wiltshire hills.

At turn one I discovered why my husband likes to wear shorts or geekily tuck his jeans into his socks when he bikes. My jeans were lodged in the chain, so I rode the rest of the way with my right pant leg pulled over my knee and my long socks slouched down to minimize the dork effect. It didn’t work, but it didn’t matter, I was having a great time.

See where the chain tore my jeans?

Ashley was working hard. She did better than I did for my first dozen rides. These hills are tough. Getting to ride it without a lot of weight and with a light 29 inch bike; I flew up those hills tonight. I felt strong and accomplished, if not a bit dorky.

The solo ride home was invigorating. Sun setting, air chilling, me sailing. Splendid and simple.

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Miles Walked: .5 Biked: 31 Bused: 0 Drove: 6.8 This week
58.9 625.7 12.6 591.7 Since August 14, 2011




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4 thoughts on “Family Biking Buddies”

  1. The cool kids roll their pants legs up. Levi’s just started selling 511 commuters with reflective tape inside the cuff.

    1. Cool kids probably roll up both their cuffs and maybe have on short socks that match. So I was only half of a dork and Brent’s still all geek. I can cope with this.

  2. Woo! We had fun. It was nice of you to ride home with us and the encouragement was needed on those evil hills! The chain really did get your jeans. I used to have a leg strap for biking that cinched my pants tight against my leg, but I don’t know where it is these days. One side of by butt is killing me today, but otherwise I have recovered from the ride. It felt good to get my body moving again. I think Etta enjoyed the fresh air even if she hates her helmet. Thanks again!

    1. Etta and her stuff is only going to get heavier. You need more practice…maybe weekly family excursions to my house? Dinner included.

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