Thank You Huntington, Herald-Dispatch, Carfree with Kids, and Simply Bike

This blog, the Facebook page and my family have been seeing an increasing amount of traffic, comments, waves, and smiles from strangers and friends. While several of those have been from around the world and the country, many have also been from right here in Huntington, WV. When the Herald-Dispatch news article was printed last week we had dozens of strangers say to us from their car windows, front lawns, passing us in the hall at school, “Hey, nice article!” or “I saw you in the paper, what an amazing story,” or “Oh, wow, were you that family in the paper?” It was a good feeling to know that people were reading our tale. They had some interest in this crazy idea I had to live with more peddle power than petroleum. Thank you all for your support. The article was a great piece of writing by Bryan Chambers at the newspaper and I am grateful to him for such a positive portrait of our choices and of Huntington.

With in the same week we also enjoyed a spotlight at Carfree with Kids. Dorea Vierling-Claassen, in Cambridge, MA, organized a very long emailed response to her interview questions into a moderately long True Life Story, as a part of their series on families who live car free. Dorea was my first blogger contact when I was looking for a bicycle to meet our needs. She then introduced me to Full Hands, who filled in a lot of the cargo bike information gaps specifically regarding older children, the Yuba Mundo and using Xtracycle’s Freeloader bags on the Yuba. Our current set up is largely do to all their thoughts and input on a myriad of scenarios I put forth about our transportation needs. Again, I am very grateful for everything.

Several weeks ago Brent and I, and A Simple Six, were first mentioned on Simply Bike through her Cycling Mamas and Papas menu. I adored this blog for all the quaint and quiet ways it present itself. I was in awe of S. being 9 months pregnant (then, she has since birth a sweet girl) and still peddling her vintage bike. I wrote to her to tell her as such and she kindly posted our breakfast bike date to River and Rail Bakery. Since that post my site traffic has been very consistent, and most of it originating with Simply Bike. Seeing S. biking with her belly makes me want to have another wee-one. I think at that point I would have to call us a cycling-circus and start selling our saga to the Huffington Post. For now, I will continue to read her blog and pass on my gratitude as often as I can.

Thank you each and every one of you for finding me here. Thank you for your silent support of what we are doing, whether it’s our transition to transportation by bicycle, working through our budgeting woes, raising a family of six, or advocating for our neighborhood. Thank you to those who have shared this blog with their friends and their blog readers. Each comment has been a spark in my day and helped me to get to know my world a little better.

Before I start sounding like someone at an awards show…or is it too late? It was ML at My 3 Little Birds (a local blogger) who wrote: “It takes a community to raise a blog.” Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Thank You Huntington, Herald-Dispatch, Carfree with Kids, and Simply Bike”

  1. Aw, this is so sweet! Thank you for the shout-out and keep doing what you’re doing! You guys are such an inspiration as parents making it work with bikes and kids and all the challenges and fun that come with combining the two and being willing to work outside the box. I can’t wait to be able to bike with my little one!

    All the best,

  2. Well, thanks! And a big cheer for you.

    I appreciate how so many family bicyclists we found via the web hooked us up with such great information and inspiration. I like the idea of passing it on…

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