Ritter Park Play Date

Today is the last of our four day weekend and we had a play date at Ritter Park. We also had agreed to hang out with the neighbors’ son while his parents were working. This provided me with a great excuse to load the Yuba Mundo full of children (with permission from the neighbors) and have Elliot and London ride independent. It worked out so great. Three boys on my bike and a backpack.

Bike rack when we arrived.Oliver on the island bridge.London with her sea sand sculptures.All the boys with friends we met, playing “camp.”The bike rack when we left. Notice the other two biking on the pathway.
London with her sea-sand scultpures.
All the boys with friends we met, playing “camp.”
The bike rack when we left. Notice the two others riding on the pathway.

The weather was the ideal temperature for us. Or as my friend Cara says, “hoodie weather.” We were sporting a lot of fleece, but we didn’t need our 180s or gloves. We look forward to getting in a few more park days before the temperatures drop and they close the every necessary restrooms.

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