Tethered to Mother Nature

London, two bikes and the trailer with our meals.

The beasts of burden in my life are few and far between. Very little of my time is scheduled for me and the rest is at my discretion. I like this about my life. I like that I am the one who decides what I am doing and where my children will be and how we will get there. While Brent works a full time job and then a few extra jobs, he also has perceivably very little that must be done at a set time this semester. He has two classes on Monday and Wednesdays only and the rest of his days and hours are negotiable. We both discovered this morning how much we are untethered by time and more constrained by the weather. It’s not even a very strong bond that keeps us home during inclement times, it’s often a choice.

The children and I are enjoying a four-day break from school. Their teachers are at a school conference today and tomorrow and we have had some lazy days so far. There were still some responsibilities to tend to today. Meal swap was still scheduled for this morning and thinking the children would like a morning at the park, we set to meet at Ritter. What I didn’t plan for was my husband getting up at 3am to put in a few more hours of work then crawling back into bed at 7. This turned out to be a great thing for me. I left the boys with him this morning (he woke up as I was preparing to leave) and London and I road out into the 40 degree day to trade some dishes with the ladies. We underestimated the chill (hats but no gloves) but we were both ecstatic to feel it. We love the winter.

London brought a broom stick to draw in the sand at Ritter Park this morning. She says this is a goofy Elliot.

I don’t make a habit of looking at the radar, instead I look at the sky and ask Brent to check the radar. When we returned from the park, Brent was frantically rushing around trying to beat some rain to the office. When he realized he was too late, he also remembered he didn’t need to be on campus until noon, so he tucked himself into the basement to work until the showers passed. Mother nature wouldn’t have kept him home, but she nudged him just a little.

More hints of fall at Ritter; bare trees.
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