Quick Fix at our LBS

Having finished ten loads of laundry in the past 24 hours I think posting three (maybe four) blog entries in a single day is permissible. Most nights since returning from Phoenix, I have been up till midnight or 1am. I crashed at 8:15 last night, making this morning very clear and focused. After a Birth to Three session with Oliver, we packed up and took the bike into Huntington Cycle and Sport, our LBS (local bike shop), to have Tom look over the chain. He tightened some cables, took it for a spin around Marshall University, declared me good to ride and we headed home.

While waiting at the shop and chatting with Tom we spied this freaky-cute monster light (above) on their new Schwinn children’s bikes. They light up when they detect movement. What a great gift idea! I am thinking stockings this year….

This was just as much fun for Oliver as watching our street get a new “patch” of asphalt yesterday. Oliver loves bikes! Brent walked over to get a lunch I packed for him. Downtown Huntington has a lot to offer us. I might renew my search for housing closer to city center.

Miles Walked: 0 Biked: 33.2 Bused: 0 Drove: 12 This week
53.7 406.2 12.6 559.2 Since August 14, 2011
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