Sister Sara’s Wedding Day

A day of primping and prepping yesterday. I followed the wedding party around taking photos at their request.

Sisters and mom.

A lot of makeup and hair treatment.

Mother of the bride and our stepdad.

Krysta and Becca, bridesmaids.

Dessert bar at the reception.

Apple pie cutting, in lieu of cake.

After cleaning up the reception, we wrestled a wedding goer into taking us out to Westgate for appetizers, drinks and dancing. Being the quite soul I am, I managed standing on the dance floor and stealing bites of spinach dip. Our late night party consisted of (left to right) Krysta, my sister Shannon, the wrangle friend of the bride and groom Jonathan, and Becca.

Jonathan and I at Margaritaville. I haven’t stayed out till 2:30am in many many years.

I said adios to Becca this morning and my parents this afternoon. Now what are we going to get into? Probably a car. It has been non stop driving since I landed. Yet on the thrifty spending side of the story, I bought a sandwich for lunch yesterday then picked up the Starbucks tab for the ladies on the way to airport this morning.

While I was gallivanting around town last night, my family was taking our new Yuba Mundo bike on it’s inaugural Critical Mass ride.

Yuba Mundo Inaugural Ride from delano on Vimeo.

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