Getting to the Airport

The Huntington Tri-State Airport is 13.4 miles from our home using the interstate or 9.9 miles taking the more direct route. The fare for flying from Huntington was the same as flying from Charleston, WV or Columbus, OH and far more convenient, or so I thought. The Tri-State Transit Authority does not have a bus route to the airport. I called the two hotels the airport lists as having shuttle service and they don’t transport people who are not a guest in their hotel. I called Yellow Cab and learned that it was $2.40 to get in and $1.40 per mile, making it approximately $17-$22 to get to the airport. I truly considered biking. I am only taking my backpack, so luggage was not an issue, but I didn’t know what to do with my bike when I got there and the route was not a safe one to bike with my lack of experience and strength. Maybe for another trip?

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Brent’s been preparing for my departure as well. He got the oil changed in the van on Monday then loaded up on frozen pizzas and cereal at the grocer’s last night (by bike). I have always maintained he would be my biggest challenge to ditching the vehicles. He’s been a good sport about it so far, but concessions and compromises are made for the sake of sanity and our relationship. We are planning to drive to pick up the children from school, then heading out for an early dinner on the way to the airport, all for the sake of time.

My family will enjoy their time with out me here and I will enjoy making memories with my two sisters, mom and all the other friends and family while in Phoenix. It will be an East meets West reunion for us all. My sister relocated to Arizona more than five years ago and left all her family in the mid-west. Her two best friends are flying in from Boston and Tampa. The groom’s family is all in Phoenix.

This will be my third visit to the dessert, but my first without the children. Does anyone have some suggestions of things I need to do in Arizona, that I can’t do anywhere else? I have been mapping out distances from my sister’s place in Avondale, hoping to bike as much as I can. I packed my helmet and I can either ride my sister’s bike or I found several places that rent them. The bus and light rail system seem to cover the entire city, so I don’t feel I will have to be dependent on everyone for a ride after all.

It’s also probably a good idea to re-mention that I don’t feel cars are the enemy. My original intent with driving less was to save money, and I have done so, quite a lot of money actually. Enough to pay for my trip to Phoenix, but not enough to rent a car when I get there. Between all the vehicles the bride, groom and the groom’s family own , the out of town guests should all be able to get to and fro without major hassles. Biking, walking and using the bus system just gives me a greater sense of independence and more options with my own time.

 I hope to keep writing and posting pictures from AZ, but my technology situation (I will have internet access, just unsure about other hardware, card readers and such) is still uncertain at this time. Perhaps you will see something tomorrow, or perhaps when I return next week. In either case, I look forward to reading your suggestions for my time in the dessert.

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3 thoughts on “Getting to the Airport”

  1. I would appreciate a Brompton…one bike at a time :) I couldn't view your route on the iPad so I will check it out when I get back, thanks.

  2. Mike, I looked at that route a bit more closely, and that is about what I was thinking, but seeing a 12% grade at mile 7.5, is enough to frighten me right now, so maybe with some practice…

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