It’s Drizzling, We Biked, We Didn’t Melt

We also didn’t wreck, get wet, complain or do anything else I thought we might do, or would expect someone biking with four children in a drizzle to do. It was just a drizzle and only on the way to school yesterday afternoon. The ride/walk home was dry. Yet, it was a great introduction to biking in the rain for us. I like gradual transitions.

Attached rain cover on the trailer. Very handy. The hose was from us draining our rain barrel before the recent rains. Free lawn and garden water.
Murky skies. We love the rain. Brent was reminiscing about Vancouver, BC and I about Seattle. We are pacific North Westerns at heart.
Oil slick.
London snagged a photo of me with the three boys. Oliver in the iBert, Elliot and Avery in the trailer. I thought I would see if I could haul about a 160lbs of children and books. I could! It also proved that Elliot could fit.
London wanted to find out if she could do it too. She was wobbly for about a 1/2 block then decided she just couldn’t see around Oliver, but she was strong enough! (We were also going downhill)
Leaves at the library. We have designated Tuesdays as Gallaher Village Library day.
Elliot reading the Guinness Book of World Records, Avery on the right getting a drink.
London was checking out a flyer for Bear Bucks. An incentive program for children.
Shared reading time.

London ended up biking Elliot and Oliver home in the trailer. Avery and I jogged alongside or I piggy backed him home. We had a great time with the cooler temperatures, the library and the cloudy day.

I am also excited to report I spoke to three different companies about their bikes. Turns out our own Huntington Cycle and Sport is a dealer for the Sun Altas Cargo bike. I am heading downtown today to discuss with them ordering the Yuba Mundo for me. They were in contact with Yuba yesterday to see if they could resale for them, and they can! I could certainly order directly from Yuba, but I like the rapport and service we are getting with Tom and his family at the bike shop. We are also so inexperienced about all this bike stuff I needed an advocate. Maybe we can transform Huntington Cycle and Sport into a family and cargo bike dealer…How about it Huntington? Would you like to see more family bike options?

Miles Walked: 0 Biked: 14 Bused: 0 Drove: 8 This week
43.7 204.8 12.6 430.2 Since August 14, 2011
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6 thoughts on “It’s Drizzling, We Biked, We Didn’t Melt”

  1. As my mother used to tell me on rainy days, "You're not made of sugar!"

    Tom and co. are good people, and seem really committed to improving conditions for local cyclists.

  2. Exactly. I was more worried about my glasses getting wet and me not being able to see, but all was well!

    I ordered my bike this morning. Post to follow…

  3. Did you walk today? It was raining steady right as I was leaving! I biked anyway. Transitional phase. Drizzle>>light rain…I can do this :)

    It's forcing me to find rain gear for my big kids though. Funny how the ones in the trail have rain coats, but the ones in the rain, don't. The new bike will change all of that, everyone gets to experience all the weather elements.

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