Daddy Daughter Date: A Vet Visit

Before I get to the daddy daughter date of today, I want to catch everyone up on a few experiences. I posted a Friday Comparison yesterday that showed us having driven 4 miles. I picked up the children and two friends after school in the van yesterday. Six children, one adult is a driving situation. 98 degrees at 3pm, could also reinforce the desire to drive. Three things happened during this short trip, the fuel light came on, there was construction traffic two blocks from school (5 minute wait), and the children had left their bikes at school in the morning and I had to get them home.

The fuel light coming on didn’t phase me as it was such a short trip, but I also needed to drive the van today, so I was going to need to fix that issue. Having to sit idol had me moderately concerned, with the fuel light on, but things cleared up quickly. The parking director at school laughed that I was driving and knew about the construction. He commented that I would have made better time on my bike. He’s probably right. Bringing the bikes home in the trunk worked well, until I drove the van this morning and forgot they were in there.

Today’s To Dos
We were invited to a birthday party today. It was in Lavalette, which is in our neighboring Wayne County (Out Wayne, aka OW, if you are local). I had called the Wayne Express transportation company earlier this week to find out exactly which of their buses went down that road and what times, as their website was very poorly constructed and the information was sparse, but there was a map with a bus line highlighted showing the street I needed. I spoke with a lady in transportation who informed me there is now only one bus that runs five times a day, weekdays only and it would be a $1 for every rider. This bus did not go where I needed. I called our TTA and asked if they provided service to Lavalette, nope. It’s not a bikeable road. So minivan it was. This was not a social engagement we wanted to miss, these were good family friends and having an able vehicle in the drive way, was our means.

Coinciding with the party we had a scheduled veterinarian check up for our two cats. This was a divide and conquer situation. Brent and London were going to go to the vet and I was going to take the boys to the party. Seeing that I was driving, Brent took the camera at my request, to document “taking cats to the vet by bike.” What I didn’t expect was them to turn it into a sight-seeing daddy daughter date.

I mentioned forgetting about the two bikes in the trunk of our van. We left before Brent and London and it never occurred to me they wouldn’t have their bikes in the garage. When they arrived home from the vet, Brent said London rode my bike better than she normally rides her Junior Viper. There were no complaints and they had a jolly good time. Glad that worked out well. The worst that could have happened is they missed the appointment, and that’s not a terrible thing.

The Date
In my mind’s eye, they were going to take the cats in the trailer. Brent decided on his own they would get more fresh air on the rack. He rigged up this cat transport with some ratcheting belts. He was very careful to get them tight and check them for shifting and falling.

Stopping in Ritter Park. Coco and Kit.

They turned the whole adventure into an opportunity to be a tourist. They stopped often for breaks and actually arrived late to the appointment. Our home thermometer read 104 degrees today, but I doubt it didn’t just say that because it was melting.

London and her cats at the Memorial Arch.
They arrived at the vet without issue.

London has been trying to learn to use the camera. She says she wants to have her photos in the newspaper some day. These next few are from her perspective.


Everyone made it home, safe and hot. I looked up their route on Google maps and discovered they went about 10 miles round trip. I asked Brent what the vet had to say about his mode of transporting the cats and he reports she had no issues with it what so ever. She seemed to give the impression people usually bike their cats to appointments, but somehow we both doubt this.

Yeah, my garage is on my to-do list for the week. I have been collecting things from around the house all summer for a yard sale. Soon, I keep promising myself, soon.

I was laughing so hard when he rolled up I was sure PETA would be right behind him. It was something out of a comic book. I chuckled more when we looked up the route he took and compared it to the more direct route suggested by Google. He rode 3.6 extra miles because he couldn’t remember how far down 3rd Avenue the office was.

View Larger Map
London had quality time with her dad today. She seem to smile a lot more after they arrived home, I know I was. The boys and I had a great time too. It’s always refreshing to laugh with friends and family.

Miles Walked: 6 Biked: 82.9 Bused: 0 Drove: 22.3 This week
43.7 195.8 12.6 422.2 Since August 14, 2011
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9 thoughts on “Daddy Daughter Date: A Vet Visit”

  1. That is AWESOME! Love the photos of the cats in transport. It doesn't seem like they had a problem with the bike journey and they probably did get more air that way. :)

  2. If you animal lovers like it, then I think we are safe. I was genuinely worried, just because it looked funny, but not dangerous.

  3. For research purposes, after their ride, we did discover this is common practice. There was a whole forum:

    Who knew? I love that this entire experience and change in lifestyle is broadening our perspectives tremendously, and without leaving home. I usually felt that moving or visiting other cities or countries would move the senses more profoundly, but by figuring things out for us and our modes of transportation, it's had a similar effect.

  4. This is awesome! The two cats strapped to the bike are wonderful! :) I would have loved this as a kid, you're showing your daughter a great way to enjoy a life that's mindful, healthy, and sustainable.


  5. I love this. I love daddy-daughter dates. London always speaks of Brent with such light in her eyes. This is a memory that's going to last for a long time.

  6. ellen told me to read your blog and I have. My suggestion would be instead of a blog what you really r promoting is a lifestyle. So instead of a blog what about a website that promotes that type of lifestyle that way you could make money on this process.
    As for the actual process, I do not believe you are making a dent in the environmental process as you seem to be relying on friends quite a bit for car pool and traveling. I also wonder has this walking and bycyling decreased your children's energy when they come home, and will their school work suffer due to it. One more thought have you swore off red meat as read meat is just as bad if not as bad as Cars for the environment.

  7. Seth, It's good to hear from you! E said you also had a blog? Send me your link.

    I am not doing any of this for environmental reasons. Those are just side effects, and great ones. I am also not trying to earn any money from my blog, or I would have ads put on. I am also not trying to convince anyone, but rather just reporting my experiences and making my trials and errors available for others to learn from, if they choose.

    Yes, the children are tired, they sleep better and they are not too exhausted to focus on homework. Since they don't currently have any other extra curricular competing for their time, the two miles is just enough to round out their day.

    I am also writing this blog to illuminate the positive aspects of our region, especially for families. I am just using the biking as another instrument to tell a story.

    Keep 'em coming Seth :)

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